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So this is a thing…



Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire



Dear Agents of SHIELD,

Please have some permanence, some actual consequences.  The episodes since Captain America have all led to some dire situations and actions that should not be revised.  The traitor shouldn’t find redemption, the dead shouldn’t return.  If these actions lack follow through, any emotional tension in later episodes will be lost.

There’s a certain liberty in hopelessness isn’t there?
‘cause things can’t get a hundred-and-one percent fucked
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw - Zero Punctuation (Dark Souls)

Can we keep Gavin forever?

This is Kate Bishop. She’s pretty great.

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Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

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btvs appreciation week • day four - favourite season, episode or season finale(s)
      ↪ "We saved the world. I say we party."

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Fear cuts deeper than swords.

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Honestly, it’s quite astonishing how much misery this movie manages to pack into two hours of mostly action sequences and espionage subplots, particularly since Captain America is supposedly one of the “lighter” superheroes, compared to the unending grimdarkness of Batman. I guess this is the difference between “manpain” and “a man in legitimate emotional pain.”

The Tragedy of Bucky Barnes

this was just maybe flat out my favorite part of this review because hi, true

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Star Wars by Ralph McQuarrie Luke’s recovering

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